A Lawyer Revisits Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All

When the DS port of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney turned into a sleeper success in North America, an English release of its sequel could only be expected. Everyone was ready for more insane cases, more goofy characters, and more yelling into your DS microphone like a nutcase. What makes you feel more heroic than… »4/30/15 9:40am4/30/15 9:40am

A Lawyer Revisits Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I think back on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney with a lot of nostalgia. I was eighteen years old when it was released in North America. One of my friends at college was a huge fan of Capcom games, and I was convinced to give it a try, thanks in part to his gleeful enthusiasm for the game's dramatic, finger-pointing… »4/03/15 4:30am4/03/15 4:30am