Watch Live as Anime Characters Beat the Crap Out of Each Other [Done!]

Ever wondered who would win in a fight between Sword Art Online’s Kirito and Valkyria Chronicles’ Selvaria Bles? Well wonder no longer as we answer this question and many others as the Up All Night Stream plays mega-crossover fighting game Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. »11/28/14 4:00am11/28/14 4:00am

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The New Accel World Episodes Are Little More Than Lighthearted Filler

Late last year, we took a look at Accel World, the sister series to Sword Art Online. But not all the episodes of the series aired on TV. Rather, two extra episodes were released as part of the collector's editions of the two Accel World games: Accel World: Awakening of the Silver Wings and Accel World: The Peak of… »3/01/13 8:00am3/01/13 8:00am

Accel World: Awakening of the Silver Wings Is Interesting, But Flawed

Accel World »10/05/12 7:50am10/05/12 7:50am is a popular anime series based on a series of popular light novels centering around that gives you startling powers in the real world. While this seems like the perfect setting for a fighting game tie-in, its first game is instead an odd cross between a dating sim and a turn-based RPG. And while the…