Ten Games To Play Instead Of Candy Crush Saga

2013 was the year of Candy Crush Saga. It was on television, in music videos, and — most importantly — it was in the hearts and minds of millions of mobile gamers around the globe. Let's see if one of these ten alternatives can't dislodge it. » 1/13/14 5:00pm 1/13/14 5:00pm

Match-Three Plus Multi-Touch Makes My Brain Hurt (In a Good Way)

Swapping colorful objects to create rows of three or more is about as simple as a puzzle game can get. After years of playing titles like Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga, seeing the patterns that make the best matches is almost second nature to me. Match-three games have become a mindless relaxing pursuit. Then came… » 1/18/13 3:05pm 1/18/13 3:05pm