The New Civilization Is Getting Thrashed On iTunes, With Good Reason

At first it doesn't look so bad. Two and a half stars out of five isn't terrible. That average score, given by nearly 500 iTunes users to the two-week-old Civilization Revolution 2, isn't glorious, of course. But maybe Civilization Revolution 2 is at least mediocre? That's partly right. It also costs $15, and it… » 7/14/14 5:00pm 7/14/14 5:00pm

BioShock 2 Multiplayer Lobby Preview: Yes, The Lobby

The multiplayer mode of BioShock 2 isn't just supposed to be a fun activity for multiple gamers. It's supposed to be a prequel to the first BioShock. A prequel told through multiplayer? How absurd, I thought, before entering its lobby. » 12/23/09 6:00pm 12/23/09 6:00pm