This Gorgeous Persona 4 Art Book should Tide You Over Until Golden Comes Out

Now available from UDON Entertainment, Persona 4: Official Design Works collects the amazing work of acclaimed character designer Shigenori Soejima into one gorgeous 192-page tome, complete with an extensive interview and artist commentary sprinkled throughout. What better way to while away the hours until Persona 4… »8/29/12 11:00am8/29/12 11:00am


Incoming Forza 4 DLC Pack Lets You Drive a Classic ’57 Chevy, a Lamborghini Aventador and Eight Other New Cars

Turn 10's latest racing sim's turned heads with its finely tuned racing action and fetishistic attention to the details that drive automotive enthusiasts crazy. The game launched with hundreds of cars available to play with but Microsoft's just announced that they'll be adding 10 new rides to the titles next week. »10/27/11 10:00am10/27/11 10:00am