Interesting moment of candor earlier today from Min-Liang Tan, the CEO and "chief gamer" of Razer, maker of peripherals, laptops and other gaming hardware. On Twitter, Tan offered that he was "dusting off my PS3" to play The Last of Us. That dust, he said, is the reason Razer doesn't make products for that console.

Here's what got everything started.

Sounds good. "I'm totally into story driven games," he told another follower. "Looking forward to it."


But then:

He went on to say that Infamous got him to spend "two straight days on it," but that he hasn't felt any need to return to it since. When another follower suggested his reasoning for not making PS3 peripherals was "selfish," Tan didn't back away.


Tan conceded that Razer fans who enjoy his products are shut out from using them on the PS3 for what seems like an arbitrary reason, "but there's got to be games I want to play on the PS3. I really like Infamous so hopefully I'll like Last of Us."

Asked by the professional gamer Matias Oliva if Razer would be making anything for the PS4, Tan demurred.

"I had my Ps3 for a long time, and it gathered a lot of dust," he said. "Literally."

Razer's current console offerings include the Onza and Sabretooth line of gamepads, the Atrox fightstick and the Chimaera line of headsets for the Xbox 360, but no other console line is supported.

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