Pair Claim To Have Attacked Steam's Servers

Just as one group is claiming to have brought down many of EA's servers, another is boasting of having taken down much of Valve's mighty Steam network.

A pair of Twitter users are claiming to be behind a series of DDoS attacks that, if they're the actual cause of disruption, have rendered Steam's marketplace and community services patchy (or indeed inaccessible) for much of the day.

I know, it sounds a little much, but the fact is that Steam's store and community features have been crippled for much of the evening (though there have been brief windows of availability).


@LARCENY_ posted an image earlier of Low Orbit Ion Cannon, a DDoS tool, writing "What we are hitting with".

Pair Claim To Have Attacked Steam's Servers

There's no mention of planned maintenance from Steam's Twitter page.


With a dash or irony, even the normally-useful "Is Steam Down" page was down for a while.

We've contacted Valve for comment, and will update if we hear back.