Apparently, there are only two of these consoles in the whole world. They are official, from Microsoft, and given out this month to two lucky winners in South Korea.

Earlier this month, Microsoft Korea held a contest for these very limited-edition Xbox Ones. As tipster Sang points out, these traditional Korean style mother of pearl engravings are done by hand. (You can watch a Korean news program about the country’s mother of pearl artistic tradition here.)

Back in 2008, Bill Gates gave the then President of South Korea Lee Myung-bak an Xbox 360 adorned with mother of pearl engravings.


[Photo: Ruliweb]

[Photo: Ruliweb]


YouTuber BDC was one of the lucky winners and uploaded photos to Ruliweb and an unboxing video on YouTube with his wife. He’s sniffing the console because the natural laquer that is traditionally used smells, well, good.

[GIF via BDC]

BDC says, according to tipster Sang, that the console is beautiful, but does note that the finish around the edges isn’t as clean as you usually see. The reason, BDC adds, is that it’s probably incredibly difficult to do these mother of pearl engraving in plastic. He also added that Microsoft Korea told him this in advance, explaining that there are many different layers required as well as treating the engraving with heat, making these designs difficult to pull off on modern materials.

[Photo: Ruliweb]

[Photo: Ruliweb]

The finished console, however, is still stunning.

[Photo: Ruliweb]

Top photo: Ruliweb

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