And did so in hopes of winning a chance to work in Italy—as a model, that is, and not as a bug exterminator.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

As pointed out by That's and ChinaNews, Guangxi TV teamed up with an Italian fashion agency for a satellite television show called Loren Models Contest in which a group of hopeful models compete to become one of the 12 finalists who get a trip to Italy, to possibly sign with a big modelling agency or walk the catwalk in Milan.

[Photo: 21CN新闻]

On a recent episode, the competition has consisted of a swimsuit contest, and walking on live beetles. Barefoot.


[Photo: 21CN新闻]

[Photo: 21CN新闻]

A couple of the models accidentally fell while walking on the catwalk.

[Photo: 21CN新闻]

The stunt has been covered by a few major Chinese websites—which was probably the desired effect.


Look, I know some people think bugs are gross. But really, walking on live beetles in hopes of winning some contest isn't cool for the models, and it's certainly not cool for the beetles. Won't someone think of the bugs?

超模赤脚走"活土鳖虫"T台 当场吓哭(组图) [21CN新闻]

Guangxi TV makes models walk down catwalk covered in live insects [That's]

超模赤脚走"活虫"T台 当场吓哭 [QQ]

Top photo: QQ


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