A Photoshop koreai trolljai mindenkit lenyomnak

A We Do Phoshop tagjai képeket javítanak. El kell nekik küldeni a képet és elmondani, hogy milyen hibát szeretnénk kijavíttatni. A társaság természetesen saját maga értelmezi, hogy mi a javítás. Itt az volt a kérés: fedjétek el a mellkasomat.

Összeszedtünk egy csomó elég vicceset, az alján olyanok is vannak, ahol mindenkit nagyon széppé csinálnak, a szépség éteri, kicsit ijesztő dél-koreai definíciója szerint.

Korea's PhotoShop Trolls Turn to Beauty

This summer, a Korean language Facebook page called We Do Phoshop appeared on Kotaku and took over the internet with its humorous Photoshops (see above). Now, those internet wizards want to make you beautiful.

If you are not familiar with We Do Phoshop's handiwork, people submit their photos for the group to digital alter, putting in requests for what they want changed.

However, We Do Phoshop is, like its Chinese counterparts, run by humorous trolls, so the result is never quite what was originally requested. Thank goodness, because that would be dull!


Here's what We Do Phoshop was been up to:


Note: This post contains content that some readers might find objectionable.

The request: Get my friend's arm out of the way.

The result:

The request: Change it so I'm holding something great.

The result:

The request: Erase the date and make the make the background plain.

The result:

The request: Help me make it feel like I went to the horse track and took this photo.

The result:

The request: Make me more more friendly with the cat.

The result:

The request: Make this slumber more dramatic.

The result:

The request: Cover up my chest in the photo.

The result:

The request: This was taken in front of the race track. Please add one horse.

The result:

The request: Make us look more comfortable while we are sleeping.

The result:

The request: Get rid of the toothbrush and my facial scruff.

The result:

As tipster Sang points out, We Do Phoshop has created another Facebook page called "We Do Beauti." On it, the group makes your photos all beautiful—or, as We Do Beauti says, "tunes" the images. The results are idealized, often unrealistic, images of beauty that exist in South Korea.

We Do Beauti has just gotten started, so the page hasn't quite reached critical mass yet.

This is more in line with what people call...traditional Photoshop! And thus, it doesn't quite have the same hook. The Kim Jong-un 'shop, though, is pretty great.

We Make Beauti (튜닝해드립니다) [Facebook Thanks, Sang!]

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