That’s right, the Japanese porn company with the worst name, Soft on Demand, is turning its sex-studio-on-wheels into an adult browser game.

The game features the “magic mirror” truck, which is used in some adult video shoots. It’s rather infamous! Sometimes, you’ll see people on Twitter claiming to have seen the magic mirror truck! It’s even been introduced on Japanese television:

[Image via: 2ch]

This says that there are over 250 titles in the series.

[Image via: 2ch]

The truck is outfitted with a one-way mirror. People on the street cannot see in.

[Image via: 2ch]

But inside you can see everything. If you think, wow, that sucks for the people on the street, because they’re accidentally in pornos, note that due to Japanese privacy laws, the faces of the pedestrians must be blurred.


The browser game is called The Magic Mirr4or Collection: MagiColle. Yes, it seems the company is trying to capitalize on the massive success of KanColle.

According to Excite News, MagiColle starts service this winter in Japan. The sex might be simulated, but the in-game purchases will ensure players really do get screwed.

Top image: SoftOnDemand

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