​Heroic Rescue of a Kitten Captured on Twitter

There's lots of stupid on the internet. Then, there are things that are truly quite wonderful.

Recently, Japanese Twitter user Yuusuke Mieno was waiting for a traffic light, when, according to website Otakuma, a stray kitten was almost hit by car. Surprised, the cat tried to get out of the way and accidentally fell into a roadside canal. Calling for help might mean there wouldn't be enough time to save the kitten. So, using an umbrella, Mieno tried to save the animal in a rather ingenious way.

"The kitten rescue was a success," he tweeted. "Thank goodness." The animal was safely rescued and brought to dry land, where the critter quickly scampered off, seemingly unhurt.


​Heroic Rescue of a Kitten Captured on Twitter

​Heroic Rescue of a Kitten Captured on Twitter

These photos have been retweeted nearly 30,000 times, and with anything you see online, it's wise to use discretion. However! Otakuma reports that Mieno currently attends a vocational school in Fukuoka and aims to become a firefighter.

"Even as a future firefighter, I couldn't overlook any life whatever that might be," he is quoted as saying. These photos appear to be proof of that.


子猫救助成功〜♩ [Yuusuke Mieno@YouTube]


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