Tomorrow in Sapporo, Japan, the annual snow festival gets underway. One of the main centerpieces is an enormous Dragon Ball Super snow sculpture.

Tons, literally tons, of snow were used to create this frosty relief. Below, via the event’s official site, you can see how heavy equipment moved the snow around.

[Image: SnowFes]

[Image: SnowFes]

The scaffolding went up on January 7.


[Image: SnowFes]

Once the snow wall went up, work began on sculpting the Dragon Ball characters, which consists of scraping off snow with shovels and spades.

[Photo: ezorisu73]

[Image: SnowFes]

The sculpture was only finished yesterday.

[Image: SnowFes]

[Photo: tooooru777]


Top image: Sh0_Ryu

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