Basically, you take Burrito Bison—or Knightmare Tower, or Ridiculous Fishing, any launching game, really—add a Rabbid from Rayman, put it in space, and include a nice Angry Birds Space-esque gravity mechanic. What you get is Rabbids Big Bang.

Just like with any launching game, the goal here is to get your launchee—in this case, a space suit-encased Rabbid, catapulted through space with a well-aimed strike from a baseball bat—to fly as far as possible. While in flight, you collect money for upgrades which, in turn, let your Rabbid fly even further.

Adding a bit of variety to the mix is the gravity mechanic, which kicks in whenever your Rabbid flies near a planet (or the sun), and 150 missions scattered across the game's ten worlds.


Rabbids Big Bang lands on iOS/Android smartphones and tablets in October. The teaser above, while cute, isn't particularly informative, so you might wanna check out the screenshots below.