I’ve written before about how the Black Panther is one of my favorite superhero characters and this series has been shown off one of the reasons why. T’Challa and his unique place in the Marvel Universe serve as a window into a sort-of superpowered statecraft, which was a highlight of the Black Panther series written by Christopher Priest. In the same vein, the diplomacy that happens in New Avengers #7 juggles several world-ending situations, with the fate of each hinging on the personalities of the people having them.

What I like most about this issue is how it renders Doom’s supervillain existence as this inevitability, almost as if he’s a force of nature. The word ‘nativity’ invokes the birth of something divine and to see it used here is a great way to hammer home Dr. Doom’s standing in the Marvel Universe. Plus, I’m always a sucker for alternate realities costumes and the ones on display here are pretty damn great. My favorite? The one were we can see Doom’s face. It basically says, “Nothing happened to my face. I’m just evil, the same way I am in every other universe.”


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