Tricking has been called "the most extreme martial art." That's for good reason.

What's tricking? It's a combination of an array of martial arts with gynmastic flips to create a truly spectacular performance. The video below is from a few years back, but it's a good explainer:

While tricking has certainly established itself, it still has somewhat of an underground feel—which might be part of its appeal. That, or how cool these moves look.

Here are some, but certainly not all, of the best tricking moves you can see from talented tricksters. Some of these moves (tricks) don't even seem possible in video games! Yet.

[GIF: Salt4Life]

[GIF: MrGoldLion]

[GIF: ForTheSakeOfMovement]

[GIF: Salt4Life]

[GIF: ThunderTijo]

[GIF: Salt4Life]



If you are into tricking, follow Tumblr sites like Salt4Life or ThunderTijo or join the tricking community on Reddit.

Top GIF: Salt4Life

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