What feels different about Miles Morales’ abdication of the Spidey identity is the proximity of trauma to the event. Unlike Peter Parker not being there for Uncle Ben, Miles was there when the bad stuff happened. His wounds must feel especially raw. And then you’ve got people from all sides pressuring to talk about his feelings and/or start being Spider-Man again. Writer Brian Bendis and David Marquez make Miles feel so much younger and vulnerable than Peter Parker and that makes me feel for the kid even more. You know he’s gonna get back in the suit and you feel so, so bad for him in this moment.

I like how the end of this issue assembles a group of partners/loved ones around Kate. This story beat happens even as Batman’s family unit is crumbling and dissipating after both the Death of the Family storyline and the murder of Damien Wayne, the most recent Robin. If it were a fair fight, you might even think that Batwoman has a chance in taking Batman on. But it’s never a fair fight when Batman’s involved.