Sending Tweets While Doing Yoga Is Truly Madness Ah, Twitter. Japan loves you so. Like the rest of the world, Japan has gone gaga for the microblogging service. But surely, even the most active Twitter users can take a break while working out, right?

This image shows a Japanese magazine article on "Mobile Tweeting Yoga", with various tweet-friendly yoga exercises, like the Tree Pose. The article states, "Train your body while you tweet."

While yoga tweeting did merit a magazine article in Japan, it's certainly not a thing in the country—and hopefully not anywhere else, either.

ツイッターしながら体幹を鍛えるwwwwwwwwねーよwwwwwwwwwww(今日のランダム画像) [ねたたま via IT Media via オレ的]

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