Japan's Real Robot Lady Turned into a Small Plastic Model HRP-4C Miim is a humanoid robot, kind of like Asimo, but cuter. Japanese researchers toiled away for years in order to bring her to life, enabling her to walk and bow . And soon, she'll be immortalized as a collectible.

According to Tomopop, next February, Miim is getting a snap together figure that is posable. It makes sense that Miim would be turned into a toy aimed at otaku (geeks). She's pandered to them in the past: Miim can sing, thanks to the same software that powers virtual idol Hatsune Miku. Miim even cosplayed as the character in the past. All this, for science!

Priced at ¥2,800, Miim also comes with three different faces. Sadly, she doesn't come with Hatsune Miku accoutrements.


サイバネティックヒューマン HRP-4C 未夢(ミーム) [AmiAmi via Tomopop]

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