Nuke Any Game With This Microwave Mod

It's a little funny sometimes when you encounter a thing made to look like a different thing. You get a moment of cognitive dissonance that never quite goes away. Part of your brain always expects a cake shaped like a pizza to taste cheesier and less sweet than it does.

So, too, with this older but still fascinating PC mod: it's a microwave! But pop open that door, and there's no room to heat up a hot pocket. The window-as-screen part is where that dissonance really sets in; I can't quite shake the feeling that I should be looking through the front of a microwave rather than at it.

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This arrangement, however, is impressive. The motherboard rests in place of the microwave tray and even the dials and buttons on the front panel have been altered to fit a PC's needs.

Crazy PC Case Mods [Hacked Gadgets]