Legion of old-school X-Com fans groaned in frustration when 2K Games revealed that their upcoming re-imagination of the beloved strategy game would be a first-person shooter. But now, the publisher's revealed a second title that goes back to the franchise's roots. Per Game Informer, X-Com: Enemy Unknown will be a turn-based strategy game developed by Sid Meier's Firaxis studio and is due out this fall.

The reveal describes a mix of perspectives where gameplay combines a real-time strategic view and turn-based combat. It also sounds like players will have to manage the expectations of various world leaders as well as battling the alien menace. While the shooter version of X-Com has been pushed out into 2K's 2013 financial year, gamers are being told to look for X-Com: Enemy Unknown on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this fall. We'll have more on Enemy Unknown as details get revealed.

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