Awwwww | Turns out if you put a Santa hat on anything it looks cute.

The iPhone's Answer to Diablo Gets A Free Horde Mode

Long a fan of Gameloft's Diablo-inspired Dungeon Hunter, I was intrigued when I heard their latest version would be both free-to-play and not a role-playing game. More »

Skyrim Teams Up with Spider-Man, Thanks to This PC Mod

There's no credit given for the creator of this mod-which takes the giant spiders found in Bethesda's mega-hit action role-playing game and turns them in creepy multiples of Marvel Comics' flagship character-but I'm thinking the guy's last name has to be Osborn.
You'd need to share the... More »

Why Did Pretty Buckled Japanese Boys Go Out of Style?

In a world where rough and gruff is the new heroic norm, commenter Paradox Me wonders why everyone is hating on Japanese character design lately.
What the heck happened in the last ~6 years that made Japanese character design into such an undesirable thing? More »

Goodbye, My PSP

I left my PSP for dead several times.
The best thing I can say about it is that I did that more than once. My PlayStation Portable always had a way of rising from whatever grave I lost it in. More »

Skyrim Isn't Forbes' Game of the Year. (Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is)

It may be notching up top honors at outlets like GameSpot and The Wall Street Journal, but Skyrim doesn't quite what it takes to be Forbes' Game of the Year.
Bethesda's RPG comes in third in the write-up on the business magazine's affiliated website, with Portal 2 in second place and Deus Ex: More »

Man and Niece Killed for a PS3 and a Tattoo, Prosecutors Say

The brutal murders of a 7-year-old girl and her uncle were apparently spurred by a tattoo-loving gunman and a plot to pay off his next bit of ink with game consoles, according to Indianapolis prosecutors.
Jeremy Crane, 21, and his niece Kyleigh Crane were shot as they lay on the ground during a... More »

This Year's Most Popular Facebook Game Wasn't Made By Zynga

Despite its tremendous impact on Facebook gaming, the most popular Facebook game of 2011 wasn't made by Zynga. They didn't make the second most popular either, according to Facebook. More »

Sony Announces Games and Pricing for U.S. PlayStation Vita Launch

We've known for a while when the PlayStation Vita was hitting American shores, but were still in the dark about exactly what games would be coming with it. More »

GameStop Says The Last Guardian is Canceled, Sony Says It's Not

Customers of the world's largest dedicated video game retailer were shocked today when an automated phone call went out declaring the cancellation of Team Ico's eagerly-anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last Guardian. More »

How To Succeed At Infinity Blade II

I haven't had a chance to check out Infinity Blade II yet, but I loved the first and Totilo seems to like the second, so I'm probably going to take the plunge over the holidays. More »

Do You Think Video Games Are Worth Saving?

We do!
Recently, news reports cited as wasteful spending a $113,000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to The Strong's International Center for the History of Electronic Games to preserve video games. More »

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