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Joel Johnson
Editorial Director

Joel Johnson isn't quite the bastard he'd like to think he is. An old-school PC gamer who gave his thumb permanent arthritis in an ill-considered Tribes addiction, he's covered science, technology, and video games for the better part of the last decade for every major web site and magazine that would pay him. He also ran the "Fünde Razor" fund raising event for Child's Play for five years at Brooklyn's Barcade. He's easing back into the gaming saddle with a little light competitive PC first-person shooting and the occasional dip back into strategy RPGs, which never quite scratch the same itch first given by X-Com and Final Fantasy: Tactics.


Joel is based in Manhattan, which is an island, where he lives in a domestic partnership with his BMW F800GS.

Brian Crecente

Did you know Brian was an award-winning police reporter? He's got stories that will curl your toe hairs—even if you don't have toes. Brian's been writing about video games for over a decade, largely here at Kotaku as the site's thrumming heart. He's written about wild fires, murders, and contested presidential elections. And that's just the Rockstar games.

Brian lives in upstate New York, which is a peninsula of sorts, where he lives with his wife and son on a mojito plantation.

Stephen Totilo
Deputy Editor

New York born-and-raised, Stephen Totilo used to write about video games for MTV, but a hallway altercation that left Carson Daly in the hospital forced Stephen into the loving arms of Kotaku. He's interviewed most of the big names in gaming—some more than once, which is a good sign—and many of the small-becoming-bigger ones. He comes into the office early and leaves late, but still can't throw a fireball.


Stephen is based in Brooklyn, New York, where he lives an ascetic lifestyle in the borough's last remaining wizard's tower with central air-conditioning. He says he has a wife, but he might just be talking about Carson Daly.

Michael McWhertor
Reviews Editor

Kotaku's most likely international killer-for-hire, Michael "McMike" McWhertor holds down the western coasts when he's not taking time to explain to the rest of us how best to pretend we're not about to get creamed playing a fighting game. Mike co-founded Meat Bun in 2008, for our money the smartest, most well designed video game apparel and promotion company in the world.


Michael is based in Los Angeles, California, in a decommissioned Navy destroyer buried stern-first under Dodgers Stadium.

Brian Ashcraft
Senior Contributing Editor, Japan

Sure, Brian Ashcraft is a great reporter, having written for a variety of magazines, including WIRED and Popular Science. But let's not skip the most important thing he's done: cultivated an amazing collection of past haircuts. We've all had some winners, sure, but Bash is the proud owner of the Muhammed Ali of hair. Archie Moore fell in four. Liston's hair wanted more. So since his hair's great, Bash make him fall in eight. His hair is, without a doubt, the greatest.


Oh and also in 2008, Ashcraft authored his first book Arcade Mania!, which writer (and suppurating pancreas of the English creative meta-coven) Warren Ellis called "a fascinating, funny and sharp-eyed look" at Japanese arcades. In 2010, Ashcraft published his second book, Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential, examining schoolgirls' impact on Japanese pop culture and society. And we love him for it.

Ashcraft is originally from Texas and now lives in Osaka with his wife and two sons inside a house shaped like the head of Johnny Cash made entirely from body panels from Lancia Stratos.

Luke Plunkett
Contributing Editor, Oceania

Originally a sentient cane toad we won in a surfing competition, Luke Plunkett has extruded a human form to become our stalwart Australia correspondent, forming a power couple with Brian Ashcraft that has brought not just some of Kotaku's best gaming culture coverage, but assured peace between their respective countries.


Before his unfortunate entoadening, Luke was a Recruitment Officer for the New South Wales Fire Brigade, where he asked petitioners what their favorite Zelda game might be, before holding up a single finger before they could respond, gesturing to his fire axe, and whispering wordlessly…Wind Waker.

Luke currently lives in Canberra, Australia, in a man-sized bell jar that we won in a "Give a Cane Toad a Job" contest.

Michael Fahey
Reporter, East Coast

We'd fall apart without Fahey, no bones about it. The spine of our daytime news coverage, Fahey juggles his newborn twins and his keyboard (literally, bless the lost triplet) to cover MMOs, Atlus games that everyone else means to get to but never does, and any other sort of thing those of us in the New York office are too busy screwing around to get to.


Mike's been a computer support tech, a vinyl sign designer, a gas station manager, a shoe salesman, telemarketer, arcade attendant, dishwasher, bag boy, and warlock. We think he's found his calling at Kotaku, because we all really, really need new shoes.

Fahey lives in Atlanta, Georgia, in an apartment inside an invisible Faraday cage we installed just to mess with his power outlets.

Owen Good
Reporter, Weekends

Owen Good is a recovering print writer and occasional stand up comedian, who just so happens to be a crackerjack sports reporter as well, making him one of the only video game sports writers in the business. (We're lucky to have him.) Before we suckered him into steering the ship on weekends, Owen covered subjects as diverse as the U.S. Marine Corps, the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and the JonBenét Ramsey homicide.


Owen currently resides in Springfield, Oregon, in the nation's only officially licensed giant steel-and-glass Donald Duck wearing Nikes.