This week Kotaku's Gaming Apps of the Day are all over the place, from an arcade fighter to a card game to a ... clock? It's starting to look like the Nintendo Download up in here. What's next, colored notepads?

I suppose it's okay when the clock in question is Fallout inspired, and it's not like the card game was Spades or anything. Nope, we're still well outside the danger zone. When the week comes that all of our daily gaming apps are either puzzle games or journaling utilities, then you can be worried.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.


The Week in Gaming AppsPipClock Has You Duck-and-Covered in Case of Apocalypse

With the exception, maybe, of VATS calling out your headshots, our modern mobile devices are shades more useful than the Pip Boy. Nonetheless, the Fallout universe's wrist-borne computer seems so much more essential and dramatic, probably because its analog hum, scanlines and fluttering screen make... More »

The Week in Gaming AppsThe King of Fighters-i Takes on the iPhone

Something to get out of the way: I hate virtual joysticks. Hate them. That being said, I liked The King of Fighters-i, virtual joystick and all. The King of Fighters-i is SNK Playmore's latest effort at bringing its arcade sensibility to smartphones. More »


The Week in Gaming AppsContinuity 2 Would Make Super Mario One Paranoid Plumber

What if Super Mario was locked in a room and the walls kept moving around him? What if up became down, left became right, the floor below him moved to the right and was replaced with another? More »

The Week in Gaming AppsMagnetic Baby, An iOS Platformer With Gravitational Pull and A Portal or Two

If an iPhone game can surprise me, like Magnetic Baby does (but just a little), it's because I seem to have become accustomed to playing with gravity and leaping through wormholes and understanding the physics of sentient little blobs in my video games. In Bravery Plus' Magnetic Baby, you control a... More »

The Week in Gaming AppsAscension: Chronicle of the Godslayer Rises Above Other Deck-Building Games

Combining the graphic design of collectible card games with the fast pace and accessibility of a board game, the iOS version of Gary Games' Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer is a godsend to fans of card-based gaming. More »