Last month, we started wondering what a video game Mt. Rushmore would like. Into it would be carved not the faces of U.S. Presidents, but the heads of four gaming icons.

We liked the idea of a mountain that featured the titans of 2010 video gaming. That made us realize that the mountain itself had to be built in Minecraft, the PC building-block game that was one of the year's most extraordinary and popular games.

A Video Game Mt. Rushmore


We are not, however, expert Minecraft builders. So, with the help of none other than Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft, we put out a call (read: he tweeted it — thanks, Notch!).

Among the potential builders who replied was South Carolina-based Minecraft fan Damien Benoit who assembled a team and built a mountain.


After three different attempts by Benoit's team to build a mountain block by block, the result is what you see up top: A Mt. Rushmore whose face alone consists of 2500 individually-placed blocks. In place of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln, we've got Red Dead Redemption's John Marston, the iconic Minecraft man, an Angry Bird and Super Mario.

A Video Game Mt. Rushmore

The mountain is a free-standing structure on Benoit's Minecraft server. He and a half dozen friends built it over the course of a couple of weeks in December, heroically dealing with some tech issues and holiday distractions. They've come out of the project inspired to build a town around their big mountain. Benoit told me he's made a McDonald's, a Starbucks, pyramids, a library, and even a hockey rink.

You can keep track of Benoit's work at his 337Studios Minecraft blog. Thanks for the build, Damien, and good luck with the town!

A Video Game Mt. Rushmore