In a recent interview with the New York Times, the U.S. secretary of education touted his own TV-less upbringing before unloading the chicken-dinner applause line that he's "not a fan" and "absolutely" wouldn't get his kids an "Xbox."

Arne Duncan said this despite answering that "every student needs access to technology," when asked if they need a computer. "I think technology can be a hugely important vehicle to help level the playing field."

Duncan, a father of boys ages 6 and 8, was asked what he'd do if they asked him "to buy them an Xbox."


"Not a fan. No, absolutely not," he replied.

Though Duncan and his equally uninformed questioner clearly meant "games console," and not specifically an Xbox or Xbox 360, I think it's legitimate to ponder his response had the reporter asked him if his kids wanted a Wii.

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