Mario Creator "Always" Has Regrets

You'd think that the guy who created Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Wii Music wouldn't have any regrets. Oh wait.

"As soon as we've finished a project, I always have regrets about what we could or should've done," said Nintendo's Shigeru Miaymoto in a recent interview with Edge magazine.

"But then there are these great ideas that we can utilize with future projects, one way or another. Some people might say Wii Music is a good example. It's been said that it could have sold much more than it actually has to date, but it simply means that I have some assets right now that, by tweaking something, we might be able to have great success with in future."


Wii Music, which was released in 2008, wasn't a smash hit like other titles created by Miyamoto. That hasn't stopped Nintendo or Miyamoto from hinting at the possibility of another Wii Music game.

News: Miyamoto hints at Wii Music 2 [CVG via 1Up]