The Winning Faction of the Great MAG Beta War

Zipper Interactive compiled its final batch of statistics for the MAG beta, finding which among the three factions in the MMO shooter was the most popular among more than a million people downloading the beta.

The winner: Valor, which took 38.7 percent of the population. Raven was a close second at 37.2 percent, with SVER therefore a distant third at 24.1 percent.

Also: Of the more than 1 million downloads, more than 619,000 users gained at least one point of experience. Of those, 52,846 qualified as squad leaders; 10,249 qualified for Platoon Leader, 3,181 earned Officer-in-Charge, and finally, 143 made it to the level cap of 60.


More fun facts through the link. MAG releases Jan. 26.

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