So Who Won That Sony v Microsoft v Capcom Street Fighter Battle?

Most exciting thing about CES wasn't the games on show. Wasn't the TVs, wasn't the phones, wasn't even the virtual sex...thing. No, it was the epic Microsoft v Sony v Capcom Street Fighter IV battle!

Well, the dust has settled on the fanboy apocalypse, and a clear winner has emerged. And that winner is...

Capcom! But that doesn't count. Capcom's rep, Justin Wong, was a pro. Boo! To decide who would face Capcom's ringer, it was Sony v Microsoft, and that's far more interesting.


The winner of that tussle was Sony, who beat Microsoft in the decider. Congratulations! Sony's champion - Joe C, who used Sagat - scored himself a PSP. Those associated with the winner and the platform he championed? For a day or two, they score internet bragging rights.

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