Metal Gear Solid 4 Moves Over 4 Million, Konami Makes $1.5 Billion Kojima Productions stealth action game is still buttering the bread at Konami. During the company's first half — ignore those "Q2"s, that's all April to September stuff — gamers worldwide snatched up over 4 million copies of Metal Gear Solid 4 , with total Metal Gear series sales amounting to 4.33 million. That's more than a third of the Konami's total game sales for the six month period, with the games division pulling in about $950 million (USD) in revenue. Yeah, you should definitely expect a Metal Gear Solid 5 . Considering Konami announced that MGS4 had already moved 3.94 million , we'd say sales have tapered off considerably from its launch quarter. Konami might say it differently, noting in its quarterly earnings report that the game "continued to sell well." PlayStation 3 software accounted for an impressive 38% of the company's "digital entertainment" sales, which totaled 11.75 million games. Konami also released Hellboy , Pro Yakyuu Spirits 5 and Silent Hill: Homecoming on the platform during the period. Profit for the six month period was $232.8 million, with Konami's video game business doing a healthy $268 million in operating income.