High Voltage: Wii Could Use an RPG Fresh off getting Sega to be the publisher for its Wii FPS, The Conduit, High Voltage apparently is looking to deliver titles with a more traditional appeal to gamers. In an interview with WiiRInControl , High Voltage's Eric Nofsinger hints that the next title might be an RPG for the Wii. “That really is another area [RPGs] that can use a shot in the arm I feel," he said. "Keep your eyes peeled because in the near future we’ll be announcing some other titles that we’ve already got underway in development." He then goes back to the Wii-needs-better-games-and-we're-the-answer line, which has been part of the High Voltage company story for some time.

We feel that there are a number of genres that are poorly represented on the Wii for core gamers. We want to do games that are high quality. You know, that’s what we are. I think it’s a shame for what is our personal favorite system to be so underrepresented when it comes to core gamers.
RPGs for Wii from High Voltage Software? "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" [WiiRInControl]