MK vs. DC: The Joker's Fatality Gets T-Rated First the good news. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is still great fun. We played it from the comfort of the Kotaku couch this week and had a blast. Now the bad news. That amazing Joker fatality, the one where... well, if you haven't seen it yet, we'd suggest you watch it now . It's awesome . Anyway, it's been changed up a bit, toned down to just slightly less than awesome to secure that highly coveted T-rating that Midway and Warner Bros. are so adamant about. In the latest build, Joker still whips out his prank gun, a "BANG!" flag unfurling. Unfortunately, you won't see the follow up of Joker shooting someone in the face; that actually happens off screen now, the headshot safely out of sight.It's a minor change, but a noticeable one. We asked Midway's Ed Boon about the difficulty in getting that T-rating, something he said the team has been working closely with the ESRB on. They've sent "at least three" submissions to the ESRB, going in with something that's full of M-rated content, getting feedback and "scaling it back." Another Fatality that's seen some revision was Kitana's, one that involved her opponent being impaled by her trademark blade-fans. Initially, the first fan went into the torso, the other into the forehead. That second was a T-rating no-no. Double fans delivered to the chest, however, that's a T-rated way to end someone's life. Sure, it's disappointing — Joker's original finishing move was one of the best we've ever seen — but the game would simply not exist with an M-rating. We'll just have to take solace in the archived video-only version, occasionally rewatch it misty-eyed and forlorn, and realize we're going to get the game regardless.