Learn How To Make Your Own Shmup! Kongregate, the online community/portal dedicated to playing and developing games, is furthering the "democratization" of game development with Kongregate Labs. Using the simple-as-its-name-implies side-scrolling shmup Shoot! as a foundation, Labs features an ongoing series of tutorials (or *groan* "shootorials") that help you, the little person, learn how to make your own shooter. You'll get a primer on designing controls, scrolling backdrops, collision detection and so much more. And if shooter creation fame isn't enough to light a fire under you, Kongregate is handing out cold hard cash to the best shootorials-based user created game. Play Shoot! if you want — the fun lasts many, many seconds — but then read on to learn about Flash game development with handy illustrated examples. We're hard at work on our own "Dude Huge" shmup, currently known as Cliffydius . Watch for it! Kongregate Labs [Kongregate]