Richard Garriott Sends Cryptic Message From Space You know, they say sometimes people go CRAZY on these long trips. They get the, eh... SPACE MADNESS . Not plucky Lord British, though. No, the good lord is safe in his heaven and has found the time to transmit a coded message of hope to us earth-bound types. The multisquillionaire held up a card containing the message shortly after reaching orbit - the message is encoded in Logos Elements - the fictional runic system used in Garriott's game Tabula Rasa . Fans of the game have now decoded the runes and found it to be a quote - hit the jump to see what Lord British thinks we ought to know."Earth is the cradle of humanity but mankind will not be in the cradle forever." -Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky (Soviet Rocket Scientist) Wow, that's like, really deep . Richard Garriott Sends Message During Launch