"PSP Plus" Brings DualShock Control To PSP Sony is adding rumble support to the PSP, in a roundabout way, courtesy of the DualShock 3. Using the new "PSP Plus" feature in games like Resistance: Retribution , owners of both the PSP and PlayStation 3 will be able to forego the portable platform's analog nub for a better control experience. By plugging in your AV-output capable PSP (2000 and 3000 models) and connecting the PSP to the PS3 via USB, you'll be able to switch on PSP Plus control through Resistance 2 . Doing so adds DualShock 3 control support, letting you play PSP games on your television with a PS3 controller. It disables aim assist in Resistance: Retribution and lets the player alter their control layout to take advantage of the PS3 controller's extra inputs. The option requires that gamers have a copy of Resistance 2 in their PS3s, but will not require a firmware update for either the PSP or PS3.