X-COM Comes To Steam (And Wicked Cheap Too!) There's nothing quite as humiliating as being outed at a weekend dinner party as the sole attendee who hasn't played X-COM UFO Defense . You've been there, stuffing your mouth with canapés while the group swaps X-COM strategies and pleasantries, excluding you from the conversation. Never again! Thanks to the power of Steam, you can enjoy five X-COM classics — X-COM: UFO Defense , X-COM: Apocalypse , X-COM: Interceptor , X-COM: Enforcer and X-COM: Terror From The Deep — on the cheap. How cheap? How about $13.49 USD for all five? I thought so. They're $4.99 individusally, making the Complete Package purchase with its introductory discount a no-brainer. Should get your mouse hand nice and limber for the forthcoming sequel . X-COM Complete Pack [Steam]