The 25 Reasons Gamers Annoy Non-Gamers Justin over at Game With a Brain wrote up a list of 25 reasons gamers annoy non-gamers. Not sure if he's a non-gamer, as the knowledge is pretty specific. But I agree a lot of these are pretty palpable reasons I get hacked off at my own people. He should have thrown something in about inscrutable Asian MMOs. I get that it's an acquired taste but, really, blowing your own head off to activate your powers ? Ummm ... Here's the first 10. The other 15 are on the jump. The comments on Game With a Brain absolutely crucify the guy. I don't know if they get the point of the satire, but they take it way too seriously, and that could be reason No. 26

1. Halo is not a sport. 2. The controllers are indeed too complicated. 3. No, I have no clue what happened in Mega Man 4. 4. I don't need 502 ways to decapitate my opponent. 5. No, I do not need to read a FAQ to find all 502 ways. 6. Zelda games do not need to be hard edged. 7. Resident Evil 2 is not the best in the series. 8. Final Fantasy VII is the best Final Fantasy. 9. I find Wii Sports to be incredibly fun. 10. I own a PSP and have not installed custom firmware.
11. I really like Guitar Hero. 12. I don't really like drawing maps to play video games. 13. Madden Football is good enough. 14. Portal was a fun game and not a religion. 15. I need help playing games sometimes. 16. You are not persecuted. 17. Sorry, but dressing up as Cloud makes you a nerd. 18. $600 is a lot to play video games. 19. I will ask if you have Pac-Man or Donkey Kong. 20. I don't want to join a clan. 21. I like licensed games. 22. Game stories bore me. 23. I will not read a book or watch a film based on a video game. 24. I have no idea what a PokeMAN is. 25. I enjoy Bejeweled.
25 Reasons Gamers Annoy Non-Gamers [Game With a Brain]