The Legend Of Zelda: The...Philosophy Book (Huh?) Billed as a work that "puts video games on the philosophical map as a serious area of study", The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy is seeking to ask, and answer, the burning questions surrounding the Zelda series. Does Link have a will, or do gamers project their wills onto him? Can Hyrule be seen as an ideal society? How does time function? Is Zelda art ? All terribly vague, all terribly pretentious, all making this sound less like an interesting book on the series and more like a bad first-year philosophy term paper. Since we're on the topic of a Zelda book, however, if a publisher feels like releasing a large, expensive, coffee table book of the series' concept art (complete with notes from artists and game designers), we may be a little more receptive. The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy