Up To Fable 6 Planned (Molyneux Also Keen To Make Sports Game) Lionshead head Peter Molyneux is best know for Populous and Black & White . And while he and his team are hard at work on the upcoming Fable 2 , Molyneux divulges that the studio has more Fable games planned — Fable 3 , Fable 4 and Fable 5 , actually. What's more, Molyneux confesses his desire to work on a sports game of all things:

One day I really should do a sports game, just because it really seems such a genre which is just locked in stone. We know how we do sports games. That is a real challenge to me. Same with things like driving games. What I want is for a game I do next is a really big challenge.
Oh man, Peter Molyneux hyping a sports game. Can you imagine? Molyneux Intervew [GameTrailers via vg247 via Eurogamer ] [Pic ]