Let Me Show You The Dragon Balls

The entries are starting to pour in! That's right, we've kicked off our make-Dragon-Balls-win-Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit. Reader iRockTheVote send the above image, writing:

Sorry for the bad quality all I had was a camera phone.

No. Sweat. Dude. Now that we got the inevitable egg entry out of the way, let's get the other inevitable entry out of the way. Reader NMN writes: "This Joke is as old as the dragonball series, and this is the perfect moment to use it. I know there is no chance to win this, but i want to share this with all gamers all over the world. Enter at your own risk......."

Let Me Show You The Dragon Balls


Yep. He went there. Contest ends later next month so keep those entries a-comin'. Details here. Remember, you too can win INTERNET FAME.