Upgrade Your Playstation 4 (Or 3) With A Solid State Drive

The bad news is that the Playstation 4 does not support external hard drives. The good news is that, like with the PS3, the internal hard drive is easily user-upgradeable. The really good news is that, like with the PS3, you can throw a solid state drive inside your Playstation 4.

As console gamers, we don't get many chances to upgrade our own hardware, which stings even more when we get robbed blind paying for proprietary Playstation Vita Memory Cards or Xbox 360 Hard Drives. We of course don't have hard numbers on what kind of performance increase we'll see by putting an SSD inside a PS4, but logic dictates that it can only help given the huge installs games are going to have, along with the quieter, cooler, more reliable performance only an SSD can provide.

Recommending a solid state drive is easy, because Samsung's only real competition is Samsung. You're choosing between the 840 Pro Series and the 840 EVO series, and while the Pro does beat out the EVO in some specs at some capacities, for the Playstation 4 I'm going to stick with the EVO and save some money. I did however spring for the 256GB 840 Pro for the rig I'm building. Update: Thanks to several commenters who pointed out the minimum HDD size for the PS4 is 160GB, so the 120GB EVO is not an option.


If you want to spend as little money as possible, but are certain you really want 1TB of storage on your next Sony console, grab the 1TB Seagate Momentus Hybrid Drive for just a little over 100 bucks. SSD-like performance on a budget.

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